BEMBE Music launches first annual music awards for 2021

A new ceremony the Bembe Music Awards is set to create a buzz for the lovers of underground and deep house across the globe. The brainchild of Carlos Mena the idea arose from the annual yet rather predictable roulette of top DJ awards, which descend on (the not so present in 2020 due to coronavirus) clubville and the electronic music industry.

Keen to change the unashamed rhetoric, what better way than to host it yourself? The head honcho at Casamena productions, label and A&R man at Ocho Records; not to mention a DJ/producer with a heavyweight-standard producing for Grammy award-winning artists spanning over two decades of his musical career. From the who’s who of Hip-Hop to emerging sounds of Afro-house music, to understand his journey would take more time than we have so we’ll just name drop a few! Counting Crows, The Roots, Lollapalooza, Osúnlade, Louie Vega, Arrested Development, The Pharcyde, Tamara Wellon, Atjazz and DJ Spinna

Named after the monthly party he has hosted for more than a decade, BEMBE is about celebrating and giving homage, music and dance. Directly quoted from his social account: “Let’s honor us. This is my response to the continued appropriation and bastardization of our culture.” If there was any a better reason than this, let’s please  see a show of hands.

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The BEMBE Music Awards streams live on Twitch 30 January 2021 

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